The Finnish Environmental Insurance Centre processes all claims and pays the compensation if the party who caused the damage cannot be identified or has been found insolvent.

Compensable environmental damage is damage which has been caused by activities performed in a specific area, and which has been caused by contaminated water, air or soil, noise, vibration, radiation, light, heat or odour, or any similar disruption.

Read more: Brochure: Environmental impairment liability insurance in Finland (pdf)

Compensable environmental damage

  • Personal injuries and property damage as per the Tort Liability Act
  • Pure property damage if not minor
  • Other environmental damage up to a reasonable extent
  • Salvage costsRestoration costs

Secondary compensation system

Up to the maximum amounts, compensation will be paid secondarily, i.e. when the injured party cannot receive compensation from the party who caused the damage, or from any other compensation system.

Maximum compensation and deductible

The maximum compensation is €5 million per occurrence (or €6 million in the case of damage that took place after 1 February 2015) and a total of €8.5 million for all occurrences reported during a calendar year (or €10 million in the case of damage that takes place after 1 January 2016).

The injured party's deductible (to be deducted from the compensation) is €300 if the injured party is a natural legal person and €3,000 if the injured party is a legal person.